Dual-Screen integrates video recording, live broadcasting, and interactive function into one portable box.

Dual-Screen  ·  Multi-touch  ·  Versatile

Beijing Wenxiang dual-screen portable recording and broadcasting system adopts the notebook computer's clamshell ultra-quiet structure design, embedded with dual 15.6-inch LCD screen, one LCD screen displays the screen after the guide switch, and another LCD screen displays the guide interface, supporting touch operation. It can display 6-way preview screen and 1 main anchor screen, which can control camera rotation and zoom, screen switching, automatic hand switching, recording, stop, live broadcast, parameter setting and other operations.

Our system also supports 6 channels of lan connection for full HD input recording and broadcasting technology to ensure high quality of input signals.

The first to use 2.4G-5.8G dual-frequency synchronization support technology to transmit video and audio signals, faster transmission speed, anti-interference, no fluctuation of signal, stable.

Record and Broadcast as You Go

Get ready with full set of cameras and monopds

Main Features
Technical Specification
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